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Different Types of Hammock

Does the thought of relaxing on a Hammock on a sunny afternoon make you excited? Well, you can get a hammock for a relaxing outdoor experience and the good news is that your choices are not limited and you get a hammock to suit your needs whether you are looking for a classic look hammock or you want one with a modern twist to complement the rest of your decor. Below are the common types of hammock available in the market today.

  1. Mexican hammockThe Mexican hammock is known for its high level of comfort. The hammock comes as a hand-woven fine net that is strong enough to support your body and take perfectly to your shape for that floating on air feeling. The fact that the hammock is hand-woven to a net means that air circulates freely through the hammock for freshness and total relaxation. The Mexican hammock is also a bit pricier given that more time goes into making each hammock.

  2. Brazilian hammockA Brazilian hammock is either made using cloth or fabric. The choice of material used to make the hammock differs from one manufacturer to the other but cotton, canvas and nylon materials are mostly used. While a cloth hammock may not allow free flow of air, breathable materials are mostly used so as not compromise on comfort. A Brazilian hammock is cheaper especially when compared to the Mexican one but it is not as comfortable.

  3. Spread bar hammockThis is a hammock with a bar incorporated in both ends to spread it. While this hammock caters for people who do not have enough space for a real Mexican or Brazilian hammock, they are highly unstable. They are also difficult to get in and out of and cannot be compared to a traditional Mexican hammock.

  4. Rope hammockThese are made of chunky rope or thread and also incorporate a bar at both ends of the hammock. Just like the spread bar hammock, the rope hammock is also unstable. The ropes and cotton threads used to make the hammock are generally durable but the weave leaves wide spaces and these compromises on comfort and you will feel like you are being squeezed in to these spaces.

  5. Single/ double/family hammockThis classification is based on how many people a hammock can hold at any given time and is a matter of length rather than the specific type of hammock. Given that Mexican hammock will expand to accommodate the user or users, it is often the best whether you are looking for a single user or family hammock. A Brazilian hammock is also a good choice in this case but you have to be sure of the number of people to use it as more material is required for a double or family hammock and the same will not be as comfortable for a single user. In the case of a spread bar hammock or a rope hammock, the safety issue still remains only that it will be compounded in a double or family size hammock.

Based on the types of hammock discussed above, it is clear that Mexican & Brazilian hammocks are superior to all. What’s even better, these hammock have been tried and tested and have been in use for thousands of years.