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Tips For Maintaining Your Hammock

Spring is here and it's time when after perhaps a few months of cabin fever, stuck indoors during the winter, that we all come out and enjoy the great outdoors again. 

To maximise our backyards a hammock is again returning with popularity as Aussies look for ways to de-stress after a big day, to entertain or better use or showcase their backyard.

But how can you keep your hammock clean and in condition and extend it's life? Here are a few tips to assist:


The type of hammock that you do own determines how it is cleaned. There are those which have spreaders bars and of course those which don’t. If you have that which has spreader bars, you should take advantage of washing machine to clean the cloth part of it. You just need to remove the metal rings from the hammock and thereafter wash the cloth part with your home washing machine. You should gently remove the metal rings to avoid damaging your hammock. You should follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding its washing.


It is often wrong to bleach your home as this may cause permanent damage to its fibers. You should make use of a cloth washing detergent as recommended by the manufacturer. When you are done with its washing, you should let in dry naturally in broad daylight.


When you have properly folded your hammock, the Outdoor Hammock Tips states that it should be put inside a storage bag. The other option is to hang it in a cool and dry place where it cannot catch molds and dust.


The Outdoor Hammock Tips for a hammock that has spreader bars is different. Cleaning this one is not very easy but by reading through this, you will find that anyone can learn it the easy way. You cannot put it inside a washing machine hence the only remaining option is to hand wash it. The best thing to do is to find a clean spot where you can put it on top so that you can access every part of it. You may need a brush to get rid of dirt that are stubborn. You should always scrub it gently to avoid damaging its fibers. You should also clean both sides then later rinse it with clean water and let in dry on sun.


By observing the above Outdoor Hammock Tips you will never regret about buying these stylish hammocks as they will always look sparkling clean. No more worries about the next summer because this one will serve you year in year out.